About AVT

AVT shall become the pre-eminent developer of advanced cancer and infectious diseases therapies. We shall create rapid revenue and strong earnings by leveraging the production & marketing of Big Pharma.


Cancer Treatments
Capridine is the company’s first patented chemotherapeutic drug. It has shown specific activity against Prostate and Colon Cancer. Unlike existing drugs, Capridine has minimal side effects and a high therapeutic index. And it re-enables previous drugs, whose effectiveness has been neutralized by the patient’s body, to resume their positive impact. Poised to begin Phase I clinical trials, Capridine has shown efficacy in preclinical animal studies and this class of compounds has been safely tested in patients.

Provax, the first vaccine which prevents recurrences of Prostate Cancer, serves an even larger patient community. Provax is an easily manufactured, synthetic peptide vaccine that does not require refrigeration, as most vaccines do.

Infectious Disease Vaccines
Anti-Terrorist Chem/Bio vaccines
are being pursued by applying the patented Provax method to produce peptides that neutralize pathogens attendant to such diseases as small pox, anthrax and tularemia..

Leadership is composed of recognized medical and business leaders - with Sloan Kettering heritage, New York Medical College appointments, Cornell University and NY Presbyterian posts - created the intellectual property behind Capridine and Provax

• They are backstopped by an advisory dream team of prominent Oncologists, Geneticists, Cellular Biologists and Immunologists

• From the Cancer Institute of NJ, BU, Baylor , Merck and Antigenics.

A new team of public company professionals and advisors guides AVT from its development stage through profitable operations and value growth.


Executive Management

• Abraham Mittelman , M.D.
• Raj Tiwari, Ph.D.
• Jan Geliebter, Ph.D.
• Robert Gardner
• Morton Coleman, M.D.

Advisory Board

• Joseph Bertino, M.D .
• Charles Cantor, Ph.D.
• Roy G. Smith, Ph.D.
• Pramod Srivastava, Ph.D.

Profesional Services

• Investor Relations
 Jim Hock, Hanover International

• SEC Counsel
  Gerald Adler, Newman & Morrison  LLP

• Transfer Agent
  Seth Farbman, VStock Transfer

• Accounting
  Rosenberg & Chesnov

• Gov’t Relations
  New World Technology Partners